On Tuesday 15th November the Eudunda Lodge met at Freemasons Hall for the first time and new officers were installed in all positions.

This follows the historic lodge offering it's Warrant to the Young Freemasons after falling membership in the town meant that the lodge had become unviable. This rebirth for the lodge is an exciting event in SA & NT Freemasonry, with the Young Freemasons promising to continue the high standards the lodge has always maintained, while bringing in new members and modern ideas for the running of a Freemason's lodge in the 21st century.


The installation itself was a very Grand affair, with the Grand Master leading a team which included the full ceremonial team -  a first for a lodge installation in many years. The Grand Master was joined by the Deputy Grand Master, Assistant Grand Master, Senior Grand Warden, Junior Grand Warden, Senior Grand Decon, Junior Grand Decon, Grand Pursuivant, Grand Registrar, Grand Superintendant and several Grand Stewards.


WBro James Ehmann was installed as the first Master of the new look lodge, with Master Masons installed in all other officer chairs. After the ceremony the Festive Board was held at the Botanic Hotel, where over 50 people enjoyed a relaxed evening. Amusingly a fair number of the brethren were sporting moustaches for Movember which added a certain humour to the whole evening.



The Junior Grand Warden, Deputy Grand Master, Master of Eudunda Lodge, Grand Master, Assistant Grand Master and Senior Grand Warden.