Freemasons across the country have shown their benevolent nature, grown moustaches and raised some great funds for men's health charities. In fact, the national Freemosons team is the biggest non corporate fundraising team for Movember in the world!


As of the 30th November, SA & NT Freemasons have raised over $12,000 out of the $60,000+ the Freemasons Australia Movember network has totaled.  This figure includes a $3,000 donation from the Freemasons Foundation.


To celebrate, a number of brethren gathered for an official photo....




To see their progress and to donate, head to


The Freemasons Australia network involved Masonic teams from all corners of the country, as shown before. Men of all ages took part and certainly caused a stir, both in their lodges and in their communities. A full review of Movember will be released shortly.