At the June 12th 2015  Meeting of  Ridgehaven Lodge No.230 WBro. Clarence Frederick Hore was presented with the Second Bar to his 50 year Jewel by RWBro Maxwell John Murrie,  PAGM.


WBro. Hore was initiated in Whyalla Lodge on 3/4/1943 and served as Chaplain in many Lodges during  his moves throughout the State.


In particular, he was Master of Yorke Valley Lodge in 1979 and became well acquainted with RWBro. Max Murrie  through their Lodge’s 'Twinning’ with Edwardstown Lewis Lodge.


The presentation had to be delayed from the February meeting as Clarrie had a mishap with his trusty gopher whilst riding  around  the Masonic Village, which resulted in him spending several months in  Modbury Hospital followed by a period of rehabilitation.


RWBro. Murrie made mention that 1943 was a very good year for Freemasonry, not only was Clarrie initiated, but that was the year Max was born.


In February this year, the then Grand Master, MWBro. Robert J. Parsons conferred the rank of Past Grand Sword Bearer to WBro.Hore for his services to Freemasonry in general.      

WBro. Clarrie Hore (right) with RWBro. Max Murrie IPAGM. (for more pictures please click here)