Freemasons South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Corona Virus Announcement

The Board of Management has recommended to the MW Grand Master “that all Masonic Craft meetings within the jurisdiction cease until 30th June 2020 or until required or necessary.” which was subsequently endorsed by the MW Grand Master  For clarification, this includes the April Grand Communication which has been deferred. Concurrent with this action, please be advised that:

  1. Freemasons Hall will be closed to the general public until at least 30th June.
  2. Brethren will have access to the building between 8am and 3pm via the rear eastern door by calling the duty caretaker on 0428223163.
  3. There will be no museum tours.
  4. The library is closed.

For further details including number of people affected go to


Freemasons are ordinary Australians who care for our community and believe that a shared set of values helps make better people.

There is a reason why your grandfather, father or uncle was a member and why there are tens of thousands of members in Australia today. Freemasonry holds many rich traditions dating back centuries, together with a moral code. It is still relevant today, as being a good bloke never goes out of fashion.