2021 Easter Bulletin from the Grand Master


Grand Installation: Places remain; please go online and register for this magnificent event. The “meet and greet” is almost at capacity; the “ladies/partners’ breakfast is filling fast (some vacancies because the interstate delegations are reduced in number because of the covid-19 world pandemic); the Grand Installation Ceremony has three areas for attendees: the Great Hall is full, the balcony is full, the Sam Jacobs room is filling day by day; the Grand Banquet still has vacancies-it is purposely a large venue for all to come along and share the evening with our new Grand Master. He has travelled widely among you for many years enhancing your ceremonies, now is your chance to say thank you, in person, and enhance this great occasion for him.

The Ecumenical Service on Sunday morning is being well supported.

Register now online at www.santfreemasons.org.au and go to the following link: G121 Registration.

Registration Helpline: 1300 357 999

Covid-19 world pandemic: please be in no doubt-this virus is still about and equally dangerous as before! Please follow the advice of the Government and that which has previously been extended to you. Wash your hands with soap or other, cover your mouth when coughing, stay at home if unwell and social distance. I will have no difficulty with members and guests attending functions wearing masks: it is a personal decision which will be respected by me. When consulting during surgery hours, I always wear a mask!

As an aside, I have issued a dispensation for those members staying at the Crowne Hotel, around the corner from the Freemasons Hall, to regale in their rooms and to wear regalia to and from 254 North Terrace, if they so choose. Brethren are reminded not to eat, drink or smoke in masonic regalia.

Vaccination against Covid-19: please follow the advice of the Government and your medical practitioner advisors. There is no room for complacency. Please encourage your families, friends and others accordingly. Freemasonry has an active role to play in the community.

Grand Master’s MMXX1 Membership Promotion: yes! It can be done! We are on the way to a net increase in numbers. Be proud and make sure that the new members enjoy attending Lodge meetings and thereby become better citizens for their benefit and society in general. Please remember: “we invest in people; they matter and we care”.

Making safe the Freemasons Hall: a work in progress: planned, purposeful, responsible, budgeted.

Further development of the block, 254 North Terrace: purposeful progress in preparation for a presentation to you for consideration.

Review of Regulations: a work in progress by a diligent task force in preparation for presentation to you when completed.

It has been written that: it is incredible what can be achieved when no particular person seeks to take the credit. All the above are achieving positive progress working together by example and precept.

Every day is somewhere you have never been before; please enjoy and have a Happy Easter.


MWBro Dr Neil Jensen

Grand Master

PS: if you are reading this bulletin on the web, and you are not a Freemason, you can still register to attend the Grand Installation. The above are only some of the initiatives in which we are involved.


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