J.R. Robertson Masonic Memorial Library

Located in Freemason's Hall, North Terrace, the Library is available for use by general readers, and by those preparing lectures and engaged in research.

Members of the public may use the Library for various purposes including learning about Freemasonry, family history, academic studies and research.

Library Hours 10:00am - 2:00pm: Mondays and Wednesdays (when Library staff are in attendance), but suggest you contact the office to check first. Email Library 

Highlights of the Collection: Specialized collection of books about Freemasonry; Masonic principles, ideas and philosophy; Masonic history; South Australian and Northern Territory Masonic history; Masonic periodicals and research materials.

The collection includes Reference Materials and Archives. These are in the form of various media, including written (books, periodicals, pamphlets and ephemera), audio and videotapes, and compact disks.

Currently our Library staff are responsible for the care, maintenance and improvement of the collection and for the provision of finding aids such as catalogues. The Masonic Library has a branch in Darwin.

The following websites offer readily available on-line material which is being offered as an aid to personal masonic learning research. If you wish to search the library online click here.


Grand Lodge Library Search

Visit the Opac Library World Website to search the Grand Lodge Library

To borrow a book you must first be a patron. An application form is available here. Patrons are able to borrow a title by emailing us


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