Grand Lodge Orders - Contacts


GL of  AF and A Masons of SA and  the NT -  MW Bro Dr Neil Jensen

MW Grand Master

Grand Secretary

254 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000   


GL of MMM of SA and NT - MW Brother David Kitching

Grand Secretary - address as above MW Grand Master


SGC of RA Masons of SA and the NT - ME Comp. Ivor Edwin WILMOTT

Grand Scribe Era -address as above M Ex. First Grand Principal


Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia  -     M.Ill. Andrew Henry Charlton 33°

Regional Commander, Region 5

CONTACT: V.Ill. Bro, Fred Pearmain 33°  KCOM

Regional Recorder, Region 5

20 Stern Rd,



Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia - R Wy Frater Richard G Num ACR, VIII° 9°

(Society of Masonic Rosicrucians) Chief Adept

Province of South Australia                               


CONTACT:  VWy Fra. Nicholas L VesotskyVII°

Provincial Secretary

10 Darkana Rd, BALHANNAH SA 5242 


United Religions Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta of South Australia

(Knights Templar)      

M.Eminent Kt Bruce Fenton Forster, GCT

Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master


CONTACT:  R Em. Kt Richard Num KCT                                       

Great Vice-Chancellor

PO Box 390



The Grand College of Knights Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom

 Ill.Kt Priest Iain Norwood Fraser

Grand Superintendent for SA


CONTACT:  District Recorder

Ill Kt Pt Peter J E Burden   PGII P

PO Box 451, Williamstown, SA 5351


Grand Imperial Conclave for South Australia of The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Appendant Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of St John the Evangelist

(Red Cross of Constantine)

M.Ill. Kt Alan Henderson, GCC

Grand Sovereign



Grand Recorder - M. Ill. Kt Andrew Marchant GCC                                                  

0431 947 469 


Grand Conclave of the Order of the Secret Monitor for South Australia

(Brotherhood of David and Jonathan)

M Worthy Bro. William Lawrence Jelfs

Grand Supreme Ruler


CONTACT: R Wy Bro. Maurice JL Easton

Grand Registrar

0427 300 539  AND


Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees for Southern Australia

Bro. Iain Norwood Fraser    


CONTACT:  Ian Norwood Fraser                                                                                               

Worshipful Society of Free Masons – CLOSED


Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of South Australia

Grand Master:  M.Ill. Comp. Leonard Leslie Obst

CONTACT:  Acting Grand Recorder                                                

W L Jelfs         email:                                      



Duke of Leinster Royal Arch Chapter No.363 Irish Constitution                       


CONTACT:  Registrar

Ex.Comp. Joe Spano

PO Box 245

RUNDLE MALL ADELAIDE SA 5000  0420 844 143


Knight Masons - Duke of Leinster Council No.93

Ex. Sir Kt Paul Roe Shillabeer

Excellent Chief


CONTACT:  Scribe:

Ex Sir Kt A.B. Walton (Brian)

11 Newland Ave, RIDGEHAVEN SA 5097

8264 1940       


Royal Order of Scotland

Provincial GL of SA RW Bro. Marcin T Stankiewicz

Provincial Grand Master


CONTACT:  Prov. G Secretary

Bro. Campbell Black

BOX 304, GAWLER SA  5118

0439 223 775


Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis & Misraïm for Australia

College of Flinders No.1


CONTACT:  Secretary – Bro. Guiseppe Spano

PO Box 245 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA, AUSTRALIA 5001

email (preferred method of contact):


August Order of Light

Garuda No.4  


CONTACT:  Michael R Beck

2 Virgo Parade



Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon

Chapel of St Peter No.73 Wy Bro. Colin Jones

Worthy Master


CONTACT:  Secretary

Richard Num

PO Box 390, BURNSIDE SA 5066      0409 54 7727


The Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas


The Assistant Grand Master in charge of Australia

RW Bro Arthur Macken GCh, GCSM

40 Lambert Rd, BARDWELL PARK NSW 2207

0438 767 264

Province of Australia

Provincial Grand Master - RWBro Richard Elkington, KCSM


CONTACT:  Provincial Grand Secretary - W. Bro. A P Young  (Philip)

86 Claudare St, COLLAROY NSW 2097


The Court of St Ithamar of Rochester No 63              W Bro Rodney Ian Clark

 W Master

CONTACT:  Secretary - Richard Num (see details given earlier)