Brethren -  Please be advised that  RWBro. Max Atkinson PGW

has been appointed to the position of Administrative Assistant, to commence duties as from Monday 30th April 2012.

This role will be done on a part time basis (approximately 2 days per week in terms of hours) and encompass the administrative and ceremonial duties of each individual order that is a requirement by way of the Regulations.

This position will report to the CEO and will have responsibility to the Chairman of each of the Boards.
As an adjunct to this position, the Ceremonial role of Grand Secretary (of each of the orders) will be fulfilled. The appointment and investiture as Grand Secretary/ Scribe will occur at the Grand Installation in April for the Craft and by the Chapter and Mark in May and June respectively.

The position, duties and responsibilities that come with this role have the full support and consideration of the Mark, Chapter as well as the Craft.

We wish to congratulate Max on this appointment and feel sure he will provide his excellent knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry in general to the benefit of this Fraternity to execute the duties required of this role.

The Grand Master and the CEO  would ask that you all assist him wherever possible and join them in congratulating him on this appointment.