On Saturday 13th February 2016, RWBro. Cliff Olds JGW,  installed MWBro. John Stone as the sixth Worshipful Master of Aurora Australis Lodge No 245. RWBro. Dario Priori was the Director of Ceremonies.


The last time that MWBro. Stone was installed in the chair of a Lodge was on the 7th October 1974, when he was installed as the Worshipful Master of Kingston Lodge No 161.


It was a rather warm February day, about 43 degrees outside, fortunately the Motor Inn and the Conference room are air conditioned. There were 38 Brethren present, the majority having travelled to Roxby Downs from Adelaide, Katherine in the NT, The West Coast and Yorke Peninsula to support the Lodge, whilst 54, including 16 Ladies, sat down for dinner following this important occasion in the Lodge’s young history. There was a good feeling and atmosphere in Lodge and at dinner.


Apart from this unusual occasion of a Past Grand Master being installed in the chair as Worshipful Master of his Lodge, MWBro. Stone was asked by the Grand Master, MWBro. Stephen Michalak, to present WBro. Peter Brockbank, Grand Pursuivant, with the Grand Master’s Order of Service.


When making the presentation to WBro. Brockbank, MWBro. Stone used comments provided to him by MWBro. Michalak, that the long and solid service that Bro. Brockbank has provided, together with WBro Martin Bull OS, (a member of Aurora Australis Lodge), is transforming the way that history of our Lodges are being recorded, from a traditional word based format to a digital-image format.  


The occasion added to what was a memorable and enjoyable evening.



Newly Installed WM of Aurora Australis Lodge MWBro. John Stone,

(standing) with Mrs June Stone (seated).

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