A Ceremony of Remembrance to honour the memory of Bro. William Edwin (Ted) Roughton was held at Thorngate Lodge No. 118 on Monday 4th April 2016. The Eulogy was delivered by VWBro. Robert J. Hughes, Worshipful Master.


He was initiated on 22nd May 1969 in King Edward V11 Lodge No. 61,  Passed on 23rd October 1969 and Raised on 30th April 1970.  King Edward, Prince Edward and Temperance Lodges amalgamated to form Beverley Lodge No. 61.  Beverley Lodge joined Thorngate Lodge No. 118 on 6th July 1998 when Bro. Roughton became a member of this Lodge.


He was a regular attendee thereafter and was content to sit on the sidelines and enjoy his Freemasonry. He preferred not to deliver Ritual at this stage.


Socially, he attended most Seniors' luncheons with his wife Doreen. Due to Doreen’s failing health, the couple moved to Port Augusta to be close to their son Colin and family until her health deteriorated to the point that she was eventually admitted to Aged Care in Orroroo – due to unavailability of beds in Port Augusta at that time. Bro. Roughton also decided to accompany her where they both lived together until Doreen’s death.


Thorngate Lodge granted Bro Roughton “Life Membership” as no Lodges were active in this area.


Bro. Roughton was born on 25th July 1914 and went to the Grand Lodge in the Sky on 19th October 2015.  He was aged 101 years.


L to R: VWBro. G. Baker, SD, VWBro. R. Hughes, WM and Bro. C. Jack, JD.