On Monday 8th February 2016,  The Earl of Zetland Lodge met for what was to be a very memorable evening.



(Left) Eddie Griffith with his father George


The Grand Master, MWBro. Stephen Michalak was in attendance and presented RWBro. Brian Dohnt with his third bar to his 50 year jewel, an amazing feat by any standards.


(Right) WM WBro. Michael Olive with RWBro. Brian Dohnt on the left (Master’s right) and RWBro. Frank Hill


Following on, RWBro. Michael Sayer presented RWBro. Frank Hill with his 50 year Jewel and Certificate.


The work for the evening was the raising of Bro. Eddie Griffith to the sublime degree of a Master Mason and it was further enhanced by Eddie’s father attending and performing some Ritual, after flying out from the UK for the occasion.


Following this very busy night, all retired to relax with a marvellous meal, several toasts and a quiet beverage to top off a very satisfying night.”