EComp. Tom Kwok of Queensland presented his "Lecture" to complete the Education Diploma of Royal Arch Masonry.  This was done at a meeting of Stephen's Chapter No. 78, (QRAC) on Friday 2nd October 2015.


The Course was written in Adelaide and offered to all States of Australia and New Zealand.


EComp. Kwok registered for the Course in September 2013.


Like many other students, EComp. Kwok found the Course was difficult. He submitted the answers of his first Assignments several times over a period of four months.  Eventually, his determination satisfied his tutors and his results were favourable. By the end of 2013 he was firmly aware of what was expected of him. 


It was apparent from his writings that he was enjoying the research and this was evident through his many illustrations with his completed work. Overall Tom was an outstanding student. EComp. Kwok's Diploma will be presented by a Senior Grand Chapter Officer at his own Chapter on a date to be advised.