March 25th 2015 was a special day for WBro Alasdair McGregor of Lodge Foelsche No. 211, as it celebrates his 50 years of service as a Freemason since his initiation into Lodge St Andrews in Adelaide on 27th March 1965.  He was proposed by his father, Bro. Dan McGregor, who was initiated in a lodge in Comrie, Perthshire Scotland,  and seconded by Bro. Jimmie Beveridge, who hailed from Dunfermline in Fyfe.


Alasdair’s Masonic career, although launched in Adelaide, moved to Darwin and was introduced to Lodge Foelsche where he was passed and raised in September and October 1965.  He became Worshipful Master of Lodge Foelsche in July 1972, which was one week before his marriage to Helen. Alasdair has been able to combine his work as a Magistrate, his family life and Freemasonry without missing a beat.


When his work took him to Nhulunbuy, he attended our daughter lodge in Gove, Lodge Arafura.  When he was posted as the Katherine Magistrate, he joined Katherine Lodge of Fidelity and served as Worshipful Master there in 1997-98, at the time of the big Katherine Flood. Alasdair was active in Katherine in the post flood recovery period, both in the town and in Freemasonry.                                      




 (Photo Left to Right are RWBro Colin Hallenstein GSW,  WBro. Alasdair McGregor PGSB,

WBro Les Moody PGSD,  WM of Lodge Foelsche)


In Lodge Foelsche, Alasdair has accepted more than his share of ritual work; he has excelled as acting Chaplain, done his stints as DC and Tyler, and has for many years organised the November St. Andrew’s night celebrations with haggis, Robbie Burns and in the past, bagpipers. Throughout this time, Alasdair has maintained membership in his mother Lodge, Lodge St Andrew’s


He has been honoured by Grand Lodge as a Grand Steward (1977), Past G. Std. Bearer (2004), Past G. Sword Br. (2010) and G. Swd. Br. (2011). He has also been honoured by Australia with the Order of Australia and he is honoured in this Lodge by the full respect of his brethren.


This is a special day for WBro. Alasdair McGregor, but it is also a special day for this jewel as it is the same 50 year veteran’s jewel which was presented to his father in December 1972. Alasdair’s father was initiated in Scotland in 1921 and joined St Andrew’s Lodge in Adelaide some years later. This jewel represents continuous masonic service for some 93 years, some 90 years of continuous connection with St Andrew’s Lodge and almost 50 years with Lodge Foelsche in Darwin.