On Wednesday 10th February 2016 members from Glenelg Lodge accompanied by the CEO Freemasons Foundation attended South Australia Parkinson’s SA when a cheque for $2,000.00 was presented to Ms. Christine Belford, CEO of that Organisation.


Currently there is an estimated 8,000 SA patients affected with this chronic neurological condition which affects movement and can result in a range of non-motor symptoms including slowness of movement, tremor, or loss of balance.


Photo: L to R, Robert Clyne, CEO Freemasons Foundation Ms. Christine Belford, CEO Parkinson’s SA, WBro. Clive Eacott, WM Glenelg Lodge.


The most common treatment is medication.  Deep Brain Simulation (DBS) is the surgical method of treatment and is employed in the treatment of people living with Parkinson’s disease in whom optimal medical therapy is not providing satisfactory control of physical symptoms.  In selected patients, DBS may improve and control physical symptoms reducing fragmented or jerky motions and improving quality of life.


Glenelg Lodge donated $1,000.00 and the Freemasons Foundation matched this with $1,000.00.  The donation will be used to extend the library reading material and purchasing equipment for ‘patients’ to borrow and test various helping aids as to suitability prior to buying.