At the Trophy Presentation evening held on Monday 18th July 2016  of the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club, Mr Mal Hancock representing the Corinthian Lodge, acknowledged Trish Faulkner as the Inaugural winner of the Perpetual Trophy. 


Trish - assisted by her long term sailing mentor - Mr David Smallacombe of the GRYC,  won each of the eight heats which formed the Series.  She has shown an amazing tenacity in learning to sail after having suffered  several strokes, cancer and brain injury.


Until 2007, she had never sailed a yacht. Her determination over the years has seen her overcome her disabilities  - she has gained her memory and balance and she continues to improve.


In presenting the Trophy, VWBro. Mal Hancock PDGS. remarked that not only Trish was the winner -  but also congratulated every other sailor with Sailability on being a winner in their own right.  


The congratulations were offered on behalf of  the Worshipful Master, WBro. Bill Richards and all Brethren


VWBro. Hancock continued to say that the involvement by Corinthian Lodge had been supported by the Freemasons Foundation for Mens Health with the presentation of ‘the star  tent’ and the  new sails for the training yacht ‘As good as it Gets’’ during the past year.  (please see article attached).


 The  perpetual trophy, bearing the Lodge’s Logo will be presented yearly at GRYC to the winner of the  ''Corinthian Lodge Freemasons Challenge ‘.