The Italian Lodges working in Australia have close ties, exchanging visits each year. The first Australian Lodge specifically for Masons interested in Italian life and culture  in Australia was established in Melbourne in 1986 under the United Grand Lodge of Victoria.  The second was established in Sydney under the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the ACT in 1996.  South Australia followed in 1997 with the formation of Leonardo Da Vinci Lodge No. 238.  In December 2007 Italia Lodge was established in Perth under the Grand Lodge of Western Australia.


A close bond and many friendships have been developed over the years between the brethren of these four Lodges where a true Masonic Brotherhood exists across Australia.  The Brethren of these Lodges regard each other as family.


This friendship was evident on the weekend of 30th October 2015 to 1st November 2015 inclusive, when Lodge Galileo No. 1019. United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT held the Installation of RWBro. Carmine (Charley) Cosoleto.


This Installation was attended by the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of AF & AM of SA and the NT RWBro. Victor John Daminato. 


The Most Worshipful Grand Master, MWBro. Stephen E.P. Michalak was an apology for this event as he had other Masonic commitments within South Australia at that time. 


Also in attendance was the IPGM MWBro. Robert John Parsons and the Grand Director of Ceremonies VWBro. Dario Priori.


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