On Saturday 16th August 2014 the Aurora Australis Lodge No. 245 held their regular meeting at the Quorn Masonic Lodge complex at Quorn.  


The Ceremony of the afternoon was to Pass Bro. Mike Bruins of the Earl of Zetland Lodge No. 231 to the Second Degree.


On this occasion the Grand Master MWBro. Robert John Parsons made an official visit.  He was accompanied by the Assistant Grand Master RWBro, Maxwell John Murrie, the Grand Director VWBro. Brenton John Hand and the District Grand Superintendent for the Western District VWBro. Alan George Price. 


All other members of the Grand Master's Escort Team consisted of Past Grand Lodge Officers from the Quorn, Whyalla and Port Pirie Lodges.


The meeting was a great success with and Brethren attending were able to witness a very well conducted Ceremony of the Second Degree.


After the Ceremony a very well prepared and enjoyable Dinner was held at Emily's Bistro at Quorn where the Brethren and their partners enjoyed great fellowship to finalise a great event.



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(Above) The well prepared and enjoyable Dinner held at Emily's Bistro