WBro. Don Catford, Master of Prince Alfred Collegians' Lodge presented WBro. Peter Heinrich (pictured here) with his Fifty Year Jewel at the March 2016 meeting of the Lodge.


WBro. Peter Heinrich had been initiated into Bute Lodge. That Lodge 'Twinned' with Prince Alfred Collegians' Lodge many years ago. When Bute Lodge handed in its Warrant on 24th September 1985, WBro. Heinrich joined Union Lodge. The Twinning arrangement with Bute Lodge was replicated by Twinning with Union Lodge. When that Lodge ceased to function WBro. Peter Heinrich joined Prince Alfred Collegians' Lodge.

WBro. Heinrich is an Old Scholar of Prince Alfred College. He was a boarder.  He has many friends dating from this period of his life. Some of these also have a Masonic affiliation and some of these Brethren were able to attend on this occasion.


In being presented with the Award, WBro. Heinrich made the point that his wife was the individual who deserved the Award because of all of the support that she had given him during his Masonic career. She was present on this occasion. Rather than presenting the Jewel in Open Lodge, the Lodge was called off so that Mrs. Heinrich and Mrs. Catford could be present for the presentation.