Salisbury Lodge No 126 held its inaugural Christmas in July lunch at the Somerset Hotel, Para Hills

on Sunday 27th July 2014. Before we settled down to enjoy the good food and friendly atmosphere, the Lodge had a very pleasing duty to perform, and that was a presentation of a 50 year veterans jewel to WBro. Jack Heenan.


WBro. Paul Fuss PGS, presented WBro. Jack Heenan with his jewel and was assisted by Jack's wife Jean. WBro. Paul Fuss said during his speech that Jean “deserved this recognition as much as Jack did for her support throughout his Masonic career”.


WBro. Heenan would have received his 50 year jewel some 12 years ago, but as he took an absence for that period from Freemasonry, he was not entitled to that recognition until now.


WBro. Heenan's history:  Initiated June 1952 into Lodge Marlborough No 179,  Passed October 1952, Raised January 1953, WM of Lodge Marlborough No 179 in 1963.






(Pictured Above)  Mrs Jean Heenan pinning the Jewel on Jack