On Saturday 18th October 2014, Salisbury Mark Lodge No 52 celebrated its 50th birthday followed by an Installation ceremony.


To “Mark” the occasion, an invitation to The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of SA & NT was extended to attend and conduct a public Re-enactment of the Ceremony of Constitution and Consecration.


RWBro. David Kitching DGM, RWBro. Horry Donaldson PDGM and Officers of Grand Mark Lodge graciously accepted the Lodge's invitation whereas a splendid re-enactment took place for all those assembled.

At the completion of the Re-enactment Ceremony, there was an unveiling of a commemorative memorial to WBro. Bruce Pitt, Foundation Secretary and RWBro. Bob Greig,  Foundation Member which are displayed in the left side cabinet. The right side cabinet displays the Past Masters jewels of the Foundation Senior and Junior Wardens of the Lodge. (Pictured right here)


During the Installation, the Non Mark brethren and guests where entertained by a representative of Fauna Rescue SA.


The evening was capped off by a dinner with the ladies and guests.






For more photos of this event, click here.