It is almost three years since an idea was starting to form to look at the possibility of having a connection

between Darwin Mark Lodge and a Queensland Lodge. Questions were asked about a suitable Lodge, as there are two differing Mark Orders in Queensland.


Trinity Mark Lodge (in Cairns) was eventually identified and recommended, after which, agreement to explore a relationship referred to as "hands across the border" was cautiously started and later, accomplished.


Communication between Bro. Duncan Walker, Secretary/Treasurer of Trinity Mark Lodge and the coordinator from Darwin, was followed by approvals from both States’ Grand Masters to proceed.  It was agreed for RWBro. Michael Wyatt and RWBro. Ian Pontifex (both of SA and NT Constitution) to attend the regular Trinity Mark Lodge meeting on 26th February 2014 to offer their suggestion.


The Brethren of Trinity were very welcoming and a most interesting Lodge meeting was conducted. It was noted after the meeting by both RWBro. Michael Wyatt and RWBro. Ian Pontifex that the ritual was very similar to that of SA & NT Consitution.


All present then attended the festive board where the suggestion referred to as "hands across the border" - between the Top End Darwin Lodges and Cairns Trinity Mark Lodge - was further discussed.


The Worshipful Master, WBro. Ray Douglas proposed, that the existing liaison persons from Darwin Mark and Trinity Lodge continue with discussions leading up to a visit from Trinity to Darwin Mark's Installation in September this year and be charged with that responsibility. A reciprocal visit would then be made by Darwin Mark Lodge the following year.


It was also suggested that the respective Worshipful Masters should eventually start and maintain separate individual contact  periodically.


Another suggestion was made for Queensland Mark Lodges and Northern Territory Mark Lodges to perhaps occasionally meet in Mt. Isa, and if appropriate, jointly conduct an Advancement.  A very interesting concept to explore, especially for the Candidate.


Further ideas were discussed which it is envisaged that the liaison persons will follow up.  It was concluded that it had been a very positive and productive meeting, with the hope that "hands across the border" proves beneficial to all for many years to come.



Pictured above - a number of brethren from Top End Darwin Lodges and Cairns Trinity Mark Lodge

at the meeting on 26th February 2014