W. Bro Wainwright has for many, many years provided devoted service to our Order mainly in the capacity of a Grand Steward.


The foundations of any Grand Lodge ceremonial team are the Grand Stewards who attend. These brothers provide the framework around which every other aspect of an Installation or Official Visit hangs. It is the Grand Stewards who fill in at a moment’s notice to make sure that the brother who is about to occupy the Chair of his lodge feels as comfortable as he can. It is the Grand Stewards who add the decorous touches of elegance and charm and dignity that make an Installation something that we always remember throughout our lives.


One of the most wonderful things about being a member of our Order, is that we meet so many brethren who teach us qualities of life that help us to become the person that we strive to be.


W. Bro Wainwright has throughout his Masonic career, lived a life that is full of Masonic virtues. The one virtue that we have all learned from him specifically is humility. For 16 years Doug has devoted his time selflessly to the position and developed the role of Grand Steward in a way that is unmistakably personally unique, always holding a modest opinion of the importance of the rank he holds. Doug has taken pride in assisting so many brethren become Worshipful Masters, delivering into their hands the Working Tools for them to rule their lodges with morality, equality and uprightness, reciting to them the Ancient Charges, placing in their safe keeping the Warrants of their lodges.


On the 2nd of July 2015 at the Lodge of Friendship's installation meeting was our chance to honour Doug and award him with the highest tribute that our jurisdiction can confer on any brother for personal services.


Masonic History  

  • 15/10/1989 - Initiated –- Lodge of Friendship.
  • 7/6/1990 - Passed.
  • 2/01/1991- Raised.
  • 01/07/1999 - Worshipful Master, Lodge of Friendship.
  • 8/9/1999 - Grand Steward since to this present day.
  • 12/12/2011 - Hon Rank of P G  Pursuivant.
  • 08/09/1994 - Exalted Royal Arch Chapter.
  • Ex Comp PZ in Adelaide Royal Arch Chapter No. 1.
  • 26/01/1995 - Advanced into the Mark Master Masons.
  • 27/11/2000 - Master of Adelaide Mark Lodge No.1.
  • 12/07/1995 - Elevated into the Royal Ark Mariners.
  • 08/09/1999 - Commander of Adelaide Royal Ark Mariners No. 1.
  • Past MWS of Rose Croix.
  • 02/07/2015 - Order of Service.

(Pictured Above) MWBro. S.E.P. Michalak GM

presenting WBro. Doug Wainwright with his Order of Service