2017 Installation of Edwardstown Lodge No. 168

23 Oct 2017 - 10:14am

The Installation of Edwardstown Lodge No. 168 was held on Friday 27th July 2017 where the Lodge received  the Deputy Grand Master, - RWBro. Bill Merrill, Installing Master - RWBro. John Roberts SGW, District Grand Superintendent - VWBro. Barry Thomas and a retinue of Grand Lodge Officers for the Installation Working in which VWBro. Gary Joerin was installed as Worshipful Master for his second term.

The Installing Master was the Lodge's very own RWBro. John Roberts SGW and his Grand Director of Ceremonies WBro. Tom Rowell and Officers of Grand Lodge conducted the Installation Ceremony with industry and zeal, making it a very enjoyable evening for all in attendance.

With a new Masonic Year just beginning Edwardstown Lodge No. 168 has ten Master Masons taking office, most for the first time. To complement this the Lodge has three Fellowcrafts in South East corner and two Candidates waiting to be initiated. The future of Edwardstown Lodge looks very positive.

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