Blackwood Lodge Donates St. John Defibrillator

6 Sep 2017 - 2:19pm

WBro. Greg Deverson handing over the Defibrillator to Mr Sam Duluk MP  watched on by Local Store Manager Mr Travis Fraser 

In an effort to become more noticeable and more prominent in the Local Community, Blackwood Lodge No. 93 has taken a deliberate focus on supporting Local Community Organisations and causes.

To kick this off, a decision was made to donate a St. John's Defibrillator to the Local Community locating it in a prominent, easily accessible location and near the most frequented place in Blackwood.

After discussing with local Councillors, it was decided to approach the local Drake Foodland Store, which is in the midst of the Blackwood Shopping Area about having the Defibrillator located within their Store. They were very enthusiastic about the idea and welcomed the opportunity to have it located there. This location had been chosen because it is secure and hopefully would deter vandalism.  This store also operates the longest hours of any shop in Blackwood and is in the midst of its most densely populated area.

Mr Sam Duluk MP, the Local Member representing the Blackwood Community was invited to the unveiling and a small presentation took place.  The Defibrillator has a small plaque identifying it as being donated by the Blackwood Freemasons.

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