Craft Half-Yearly Communication, Conference, Ladies High Tea and Mixed Dinner

20 Oct 2017 - 3:00pm

The Craft Half-Yearly Communication, Conference, and Mixed Dinner was held on Saturday 14th October 2017 at Freemasons Hall, North Terrace Adelaide.

A special invitation from Mrs Jenny Michalak was sent out to all Ladies to attend a High Tea in the Foyer from 4:00 PM.

The Conference was attended by over 110 Members and was chaired by VWBro. M. G. (Fred) Trueman APM, Director of Masonic Learning - who also gave a very informative presentation about Masonic Learning.

All Attendees were all given the opportunity to have discussions with the senior Administrative Officers at the conclusion of the Conference.

The Communication was attended by approximately 117 Brethren and the Grand Master's address was very well received.  For full details of this address, please click here.

There were numerous Presentations made - namely:

  • MWBro. John Stone PGM presented MWBro. Stephen Michalak with his Commission as Representative near the Grand Lodge of Tasmania.
  • MWBro. John Stone PGM also presented VWBro. Brenton Daulby OAM, Grand Chaplain, with the Grand Master's Order Of Service.
  • MWBro. Stephen Michalak, Grand Master, presented the following: Bro. John Behenna -  Meritorious Service Award; WBro. Henry Lowden - Past Grand Pursuivant (not in attendance); and VWBro. Bruce Morrison - Past Grand Superintendent.

The Acting Grand Secretary (RWBro. Max Atkinson PSGW, OS.) made a final presentation to the Grand Master, MWBro. Michalak and the Deputy Grand Master RWBro. Merrill which was their United Grand Lodge of England Tercentenary Jewels for them to wear at the Official Occasions in England. 

Whilst he was doing this, RWBro. Atkinson took the opportunity to inform the Brethren that the Grand Master and the Deputy Grand Master will be representing the oldest Grand Lodge in the Southern Hemisphere to the oldest Grand Lodge in the Northern Hemisphere!

The evening was complimented with a wonderful Mixed Dinner in the Sam Jacobs Room where over 100 guests enjoyed the evening's entertainment and food.

VWBro. M. G. (Fred) Trueman APM, Director of Masonic Learning Chairman of the Conference

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