Edwardstown Complex Social Club Film Afternoon

24 Mar 2017 - 10:05am

On Sunday 12th February 2017, the Edwardstown Complex Social Club held their Annual Film afternoon function at the Ingle Theatre which is situated at 67 Auricchio Avenue, Pasadena.

The Theatre is located in a private residence and replicates a full Theatre.

Mr Nigel Dear, the owner,  has run the Cinema for 25 years now and is amply and uniquely housed in a six car garage. Nigel specialises in nostalgic Newsreels, Travelogues and Cartoons. Around 20 people attended the function for an afternoon of fun and fraternising.

The curtains opened at 2:00 p.m. sharp with a newsreel depicting Adelaide as it was in 1936, followed by a similar era Tom and Jerry cartoon and some catchy World War II era songs, before breaking for a 15 minutes interlude where tea, coffee and biscuits were served.

After the interlude the group were treated to some good British humour with the film “Father Came Too”, starring Ronnie Barker which reduced everyone into hysterics!

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