Edwardstown Lodge Ceremony of Remembrance Followed By A Special Presentation

7 Dec 2017 - 3:02pm

The October 2017 Meeting of Edwardstown Lodge was a very sombre occasion associated with a Ceremony of Remembrance. 

The Lodge was Opened with the usual business transacted and was then Closed in due form at around 8:00 PM.

All visitors were then invited into the Lodge Room, and the Officers then entered in Procession and proceeded with the Open Ceremony of Remembrance. The Lodge felt privileged to welcome so many Family Members and Guests into the Lodge.  Many of these guests had never entered a Lodge Room previously.

The Ceremony was conducted with the Solemnity it deserved.  WBro. Wayne Burke read out an extensive Eulogy for WBro. Keith Scott and presented Mrs. Scott with a Widow's Pin. VWBro. Len Miller read out the Eulogy for Bro. Allan Tosolini and also presented Mrs. Tosolini with her Widow's Pin.

At the conclusion of the Ceremony the Worshipful Master called on the DC to present RWBro. Owen Lever  PJGW to the East, then called the Acting Grand Secretary RWBro. Max Atkinson OS PSGW to make a Presentation of a Five Year Bar to RWBro. Lever's Fifty Year Jewel to celebrate his Fifty Five Years of Service to Freemasonry.

The Meeting closed at 9:00 PM where all in attendance retired to the Festive Board for light refreshments and to mingle with the Visitors. 

RWBro. Owen Lever  PJGW being presented with his Five Year Bar to his Fifty Year Jewel by Acting Grand Secretary RWBro. Max Atkinson OS PSGW

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