EMM Degree and Presentation at Hawthorn Royal Arch Chapter No. 35

27 Feb 2017 - 1:29pm

(L to R) Comp. Steve Merret displaying his Red Cross of Babylon Certificate with Comp. Gary Joerin clothed with the Badge and Jewel of an Excellent Master Mason after the Exemplification of the Degree

On Monday 28th November 2016 held their last regular meeting for 2016.

The meeting was graced by the presence of MEComp. Lindsay Burns 1st GP of Royal Arch Masons of South Australia and the Northern Territory accompanied by a retinue of Grand Chapter Officers.  It was well attended with many of their own Hawthorn RAC members and six visitors which totalled 25 Companions in attendance, which was an EMM Ceremony and a presentation of a Red Cross of Babylon Certificate.

The main working for the evening was an exemplification of the EMM Degree (or sometimes known as "passing of the veils" Ceremony).

The Candidate for the Exemplification of the Degree was visiting Comp. Gary Joerin from the Duke of Leinster RAC No. 363 Irish Constitution. The Degree was delivered with precision by many experienced Royal Arch Masons, accumulating in the Candidate being clothed with the Badge and Jewel of the Degree, leaving the Candidate feeling like the Degree was actually Conferred on him, rather than being exemplified.

At the Second Time of Asking Comp. Joerin congratulated the Brethren that had delivered Ritual for the evening and drew comparisons between this Degree working and how the Irish Royal Arch Chapter conduct their Degree working and also thanked the Brethren for their hospitality and Fellowship.

After the EMM Degree working was complete, MEComp. Lindsay Burns called one of the Hawthorn RAC members, Comp. Steve Merret to the East and presented him with his Red Cross of Babylon Certificate.

After the meeting was complete all in attendance retired to the Festive Board to honor toasts appropriate to the occasion and peculiar to the EMM Degree which saw everyone fraternised well into the evening.

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