The Grand Master visits the Grand Library

4 Oct 2017 - 9:54am

It was a great pleasure to have the Grand Master, MWBro. Stephen Michalak, visit the Grand Lodge Library and view the Library Index System being developed for the SA & NT Freemasons Website.

The Library World Index has been acquired and it will provide full access to the Library Catalogue and, in respect of newer books which are cross referenced to the Internet, the book’s index and cover picture. At this stage the IT ‘bugs” have been resolved, as the program has been adapted to incorporate the previous in-house Library Index, and it will go ‘on-line’ once borrowing procedures are finalized.

Developmental work has been occurring since the beginning of 2017. WBro. Gary Holzer has provided the technical expertise and researched the preferred IT Index System. He then worked intensively with WBro’s. John Rand and Melville Woolford, and Bro. Stewart Allan, to adapt the system to the Library’s needs. It has been a detailed and intensive process, with considerable good humour in overcoming the many challenges involved.

The development process was explained to MWBro. Michalak and he was then given a ‘hands on’ demonstration of the systems workings.

MWBro. Michalak, warmly thanked the Brethren for their work and commended them for making a major advance in our Library facilities which he hoped would encourage Brethren generally to use the resources of the Library.

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