Lecture at Edwardstown Lodge

11 Jul 2017 - 1:03pm

At Edwardstown Lodge's meeting held on 31st March 2017, there was a departure from working a Degree.  The Brethren were presented with an interesting and meaningful Educational Lecture.

In November 2016 - whilst visiting the Perfect Cube Lodge, Edwardstown Lodge's Worshipful Master, VWBro. Gary Joerin, witnessed a Lecture on the First Degree Tracing Board, presented by the Director of Masonic Learning, VWBro. M.G. (Fred) Trueman APM.

VWBro. Joerin was so impressed with the Lecture he invited VWBro Fred Trueman to conduct the same Lecture at Edwardstown Lodge sometime in early 2017.

On this evening the Lodge was opened and with the usual business transacted, it was called off and VWBro. Trueman and his team (including VWBro. Tolun Savut, Deputy Director Masonic Learning) were invited to take the floor to deliver this fascinating Lecture.

The Lecture fully explained the relationship of the First Degree Tracing Board to the layout of the Lodge; discussed its history from its early beginnings; its symbolism and its physical and spiritual connections.


The Lecture was very enlightening for the Edwardstown Lodge Brethren and it generated many questions - all of which were answered  in the most articulate manner.

The Brethren were kept fully engaged throughout the Lecture, (pictured left).

VWBro. Trueman and his team are to be applauded.  This Lecture is one not to be missed.  All Lodges are encouraged toorganise a night where this type of Lecture is delivered to educate their young Membership.


The group at conclusion of the Lecture before retiring to an informal Festive Board

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