Lodge Copernicus Chapter No. 246 - "Good Things Come in Threes"

6 Dec 2017 - 3:02pm

It is often said that 'good things come in threes' and so it was for Lodge Copernicus Chapter No. 246's October 2017 Meeting where three Members joined the Chapter as Excellent Master Masons.

The evening was further enhanced with the Ritual Work for the three Guardians of the Veils being undertaken by some of the younger Members of the Chapter.

The Customary Lecture was delivered by one of a number of Visitors who attended, and at the conclusion of the Ceremony four Members were presented their Certificates of Exaltation by MEComp. Robert John Parsons P1ST G.P.

The Festive Board that followed was made more harmonious with the new EMM, Cooper Allan, at the piano playing on three seperate occasions.

Clearly three is an important Masonic number!

(Pictured Above) EMM Steve Brown, WEM Michael Olive, EMM Barrie Newman, EMM Cooper Allan

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