Making a Daily Advancement - Duke of Edinburgh RAC No. 2

19 May 2017 - 2:53pm

MEComp. Russ Sheldrick, Grand Lecturer, EComp. Trevor Briggs, VEComp. Ray Worrall and EComp. Don Carmichael at Duke of Edinburgh Royal Arch Chapter No. 2, Moonta

As we all know, we are exhorted to make “a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge” (First Degree Charge).

Sadly, it must be said that not a lot of Freemasons follow this instruction very industriously!  After the initial enthusiasm of Initiation, and the progression through the next two Degrees, it is all too common for the interest, if not to wane, but to take something of a back-seat to other considerations in life. Many even think that, having become Master Masons, they have nothing else to learn, that all the essential knowledge is theirs. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Freemasonry, being so intimately interwoven with our everyday life and so deeply concerned with life hereafter, is a continuing study. Our “daily advancement” should continue until the very end of our lives, for there is always something more to know; our journey should continue until the end of our days. It might also be said that those who don’t continue with their researches are missing a great deal of what Freemasonry has to offer; the knowledge of your fellow man, your Creator and yourself.

But how to make this “daily advancement”?  Part of the answer is to continue to progress through the available Degrees, particularly the “core” Degrees of Freemasonry, the Mark and Royal Arch Chapter. Both have a great deal to offer, and help to put our earlier Craft experiences into perspective. The other part is through seeking to understand the Degrees to which you already belong. A relatively painless way to do this is by having a visit from the Grand Lecturer; each Order has one, or more; it is regrettable that they are currently under-employed!

Not many Lodges or Chapters are so busy with Degree workings that they do not have time to devote an evening to education; a simple call to North Terrace will have a Lecturer on your doorstep, ready to perform for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

Or those ready to take their “Advancement” really seriously, there are Education Courses available. I recommend the Royal Arch Diploma Course to all Companions, for example, as it will provide you with an unparalleled insight into our Order, and help you immeasurably in your progress through Freemasonry.Perhaps the greatest problem we have as an organisation is apathy. We need to “get stuck into” Freemasonry and live it to the full.

M.E.Comp. Russ Sheldrick, Grand Lecturer RAC.

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