Moonta Mark Quiz Night

28 Jun 2017 - 12:28pm

For their meeting held on Monday 22nd May 2017, Moonta Mark Lodge No. 2 invited RWBro. Bill Penley SGW to provide a night of Education in the form of a Quiz Night.

Not only were the Brethren tested on their knowledge, but also the reasons why things occurred. One question that had everyone going through the Advancement Ceremony in their groups and consulting the Ritual was “How many times during the total Ceremony is the Password given, either whispered or aloud ?"

With Brethren able to consult their Ritual as well as using their own knowledge, it became evident that the Advancement Ceremony is not fully understood by most Members.

Should any Lodge wish to have a copy of the questions and answers with page references they are available from The Chairman of Membership, WBro Bill McBride, the Grand Superintendent, RWBro. Gary Beardsell or

RWBro. Bill Penley SGW. It will prove to be a fun night in your Lodge.

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