News from the Grand Librarian

11 Sep 2017 - 12:04pm

The past few months have been very challenging as I have familiarized myself with the 8,000 books in, and the operations of, the James Robertson Library, which is a wonderful resource within our Jurisdiction.

I arrive at a fortunate time, following VWBro. Peter Paul, the previous Grand Librarian, who invested considerable effort in re-organising the Library into its current ‘user-friendly’ format, and because of the desire to upgrade the library and its facilities. I acknowledge the previous work of Peter Paul and appreciate 

the support of John, Melville and Stewart, as I familiarise myself with the library and my role.

(Pictured Above) The  Library Team with MWBro. Stephen E.P. Michalak, Grand Master, and WBro. Phil Souter, Grand Librarian to his right

Considerable developmental work, to place the Library Index on the SA & NT Freemasons Website, has been undertaken in 2017. In the very near future, the Library Catalogue will be available online through a link on the SA & NT Freemasons Website. Brethren will be able to see what Books are available for Loan, as well as Publications available for reading in the Library, without coming to the Library.

Brethren will be able to borrow a book ‘on-line’ once they have completed a form and registered as a Patron (Borrower). Procedures for collecting Books, outside of Library hours are being developed. For Brethren in Country Areas, I hope to arrange with the District Grand Superintendents for them to be able to collect as well as return Books.

The Library has an email address:   which Brethren can use to communicate with Library Staff.

There have been a number of new Books added to the Catalogue recently, with more to arrive. If a Brother has an interest in a particular Book, his suggestion would be considered for addition to the Catalogue.

My aim is to increase your desire to use the Library and increase the convenience in doing so. I am interested in your suggestions and from any Brother who wishes to be involved, in any way, in enhancing our services and outreach. We are well served by the ‘Library Team’ but, building for the future, requires us to increase our Volunteer effort.

I will be visiting Lodges to ‘market’ the Library and I look forward to meeting you – then or when you visit the Grand Lodge Library.

WBro. Phil Souter

Grand Librarian

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