Old Boys Welcome New Companion United Collegians Chapter No. 8

13 Jan 2017 - 11:56am

The Exaltation Ceremony for Comp. Llewellyn Woods, a Member of Prince Alfred Collegians Lodge No. 51 was held in Freemasons Hall on Wednesday 23rd November 2016 and attracted a good  number of Members and a fine showing of Visitors including the 1st GP,  MEComp. Lindsay Burns.

The Membership of United Collegians Chapter No. 51 has been growing with Joining Members over recent times, however Comp. Wood was the first Member to be Exalted in the United Collegians Royal Arch Chapter No. 8 since Comp. Alan Branford in 2013.

Comp. Branford also presented the Explanation of the Companion's Jewel to his good friend Comp. Wood and later, at the Festive Board, wished him many happy and thought-provoking years in Royal Arch Masonry.

The evening had an added significance.  MEComp. Burns presented MEComp. Christopher Selwood -  Past 1st GP - with the Certificate of Grand Representative from the SGC of Royal Arch Masons of New Zealand honouring  him as New Zealand's Representative in continuing contact between our Constitutions.

MEComp.Selwood is well regarded by his New Zealand peers and would, in his term,  have spent many days in their company at many fraternal Grand Installations and other Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter Events.


Photo L to R: 2nd P of United Collegians Royal Arch Chapter No. 8,

VEComp. Andrew Jurgs, 1st GP, MEComp. Lindsay Burns, Comp. Lewellyn Wood,

1st P EComp. Michael Olive and 3rd P MEComp. Chris  Selwood Past 1st GP


Foreground : MEComp. L Burns and  MEComp. C .Selwood with the Patent of Office as Representative of the SGRAC of New Zealand

Background :VEComp. A Jurgs and EComp.Michael Olive

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