Ridgehaven Daytime Lodge No. 230 - Fifty Year Jewel Presentation

17 Oct 2017 - 10:57am

The Brethren in attendance, along with a number of Visitors, celebrated a truly memorable and historical occasion at the August 2017 meeting of Ridgehaven Lodge No. 230 when WBro. Eric Kaesler was presented with his Fifty Year Service Jewel by VWBro. Keith Perrott  DGS Metropolitan 2.

WBro. Kaesler who is now 93 years of age was first Initiated into the Craft in the Barossa Lodge No. 49 in 1953, however due to family and work commitments his Masonic journey was interrupted for a number of  years. He did rejoin Freemasonry when circumstances allowed it, as he always felt that it was a very important part of his life and has now achieved that wonderful milestone.

After having been a Master in two different Lodges he concentrated his efforts on fulfilling the role of Organist and supported as a member five Craft Lodges, two Mark Lodges and one Chapter.

WBro. Kaesler thanked Ridgehaven Lodge No. 230 Brethren for the sincerity of the Presentation and when responding in the Lodge Room gave those present a brief summary of some memorable highlights during those many years of joy while forming lifetime friendships along the way. He still feels to this day that being associated with Freemasonry has been a very rich and rewarding experience and one of the best Organisations he has been involved with. He still enjoys being a member and always enjoys a chat with Brethren when the occasion arises.


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