Second Degree at the Lodge of Friendship No.1

20 Jul 2017 - 10:54am

On Thursday 4th May 2017, the Lodge of Friendship No. 1  held its Regular Meeting. The Working for the evening was passing Bro. Kent Taylor.  He had been an Entered Apprentice for seven months and had immensely enjoyed his Freemasonry.

What makes Bro Taylor’s passing to the Second Degree so special, is that he first enquired to become a Freemason through our Grand Lodge Website and was then invited to attend a Grand Lodge Information Night at Freemasons Hall, North Terrace, Adelaide.

Bro. Taylor's preference was to join a Lodge that met in the Adelaide CBD, so he was invited to attend the Lodge of Friendship's Festive Board - which meets at North Terrace.  At this Festive Board he was introduced to the Members of the Lodge and the customs of Freemasonry. This meeting increased his enthusiasm to join.  He immediately completed an Application Form and began the process of becoming a Member of the Lodge of Friendship No.1.

After the Ceremony the Lodge's Fellowcraft gathered in the East (pictured above) with two other Brethren who had also come through the same process, Bro. Ben Chard and Bro. Nathan Morton, together with the Chairman of Membership VWBro. Gary Joerin and the Lodge of Friendship’s Worshipful Master WBro. Jordon Box to celebrate Kent’s achievements.

Bro. Taylor's Second Degreee Ceremony was conducted in the highest standard.  Everyone attending made very positive comments.

Please Note - Information Nights are held every second month at Freemasons Hall, North Terrace and they are an excellent introductory path to introduce any of your family or friends to Freemasonry to enable them to make an informed decision about joining.

For more information on these informative sessions just click on the link - sending a short message explaining why you would like to attend one of these Sessions and the Chairman of Membership will contact you.

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