Sixty Five Year Bar Presentation at Alice Springs Lodge No. 156

6 Dec 2017 - 11:09am

RWBro. Ron Ross OAM, OS was presented with his Third Bar to his Fifty Year Jewel by WBro. Stuart Gear at the Regular Meeting of Alice Springs Lodge No. 156 held on the 18th of September  2017.

WBro. Gear outlined the history of RWBro. Ross OAM, OS:

  • Initiated -  Henley Lodge No. 79 on  23/10/1952
  • Passed  - Henley Lodge No. 79 on 23/07/1953
  • Raised -  Henley Lodge No. 79 on 15/10/1953
  • Joined Joining Alice Springs Lodge No. 156 on 21/1/1957
  • Fifty Year Jewel in 2002
  • First Five Year Bar in 2007
  • Second Five Year Bar presented by WBro. Gear at a Regular Meeting of the Port Lincoln Lodge No. 45 in 2012

WBro. Gear said in closing, that whilst it gave him great pleasure in presenting RWBro. Ross OAM, OS with his latest Bar - he hoped The Great Architect Of The Universe would smile kindly on both of them to enable them to be present for the next Five Year Bar presentation.

RWBro. Ross OAM, OS replied that he was hopeful of being able to to see the Hundred Year Jewel.

Sixty Five Years of Oustanding Service to Freemasonry as WBro. Gear makes presentation
to RWBro. Ross OAM, OS

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