Special Visitor at Adelaide Lodge's Anzac Remembrance Ceremony

17 May 2017 - 1:22pm

Adelaide Lodge’s 18th April 2017 meeting was the completion of the First Degree for Mark Fraser and an Anzac Remembrance Ceremony.  Both sections of the planned work for the evening were well presented with correct level of solemnity and decorum.

No matter how well the work was performed nothing surpassed the entrance to the Lodge Room of VWBro. Ray Brittain.  A well respected Member of the Masonic Community, he participates actively in many of the Ceremonies  - his vision impairment has not hindered him.  VWBro. Brittain attends Lodge meetings by courtesy of someone who drives him in. 

On the night of this April meeting there was an additional passenger in the car. Elli the  Guide Dog.. After a considerable amount of time waiting to receive his dog - VWBro. Brittain is now the proud owner of Elli who will be there to assist him in his daily tasks. Of course that includes his attendance at Lodge Meetings.

Elli performed her tasks in the Lodge Room standing and sitting as required through the evening and at the Festive Board. The members of Adelaide Lodge warmly welcomed Elli as a new member of the Lodge.


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