Latest Grand Lodge Newsletter

14 Mar 2017 - 3:57pm

The United  Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) will be holding its Tercentenary Celebrations in October 2017.

Our Grand Master, MWBro. Stephen Michalak, his wife Jenny, Deputy Grand Master, RWBro. W.R.D. Merrill and his wife Heather will be attending this auspicious occasion and are desirous of forming a Delegation to attend with them bearing in mind the following as advised in email from the UGLE on 7th September 2016.

‘31st October

Approx. 14.00 – If other Brethren (other than the UGLE Official Guest) have chosen to accompany you as their Grand Master, with their wives/partners, they may if they so wish, be accompanied and transported by coach to Freemasons’ Hall where the proceedings of the Celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall will be streamed live. A brochure for the occasion will be presented to these guests. Following the celebrations these Brethren and their wives/partners will be escorted to the Grand Connaught Rooms for a Reception followed by dinner with wines. This will be at cost to them. You will be advised of the price of the meal nearer the time.

Approx. 21.30 – These Brethren and their wives/partners will be accompanied and transported back to their hotels.

Grand Lodge has finally received information from a contact in the UK (not the UGLE) regarding these Tercentenary Celebrations.

The web address to make bookings is here

You are all kindly requested - if you are intending to go to London - to make bookings as soon as possible and be advised that the responsibility for registration rests with each individual Brother.


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