Fifty year Service Jewel Presentation at Combined Meeting

17 Jan 2018 - 12:09pm

At a combined meeting of The Adelaide Lodge and Semaphore Lodge on Tuesday 21st November 2017, RWBro. David Crawford, PAGM, presented WBro. Donald W. C. Macaulay with his Fifty Year Service Jewel.

WBro. Macaulay was Initiated in Mannum Lodge No. 97 in November 1967.

In 1968 he became a Joining Member of Semaphore Lodge.

As a Scot, playing the bagpipes at Christmas and Installation meetings in Adelaide Lodge while residing in Mannum, it seemed natural, in 1972, to join Adelaide Lodge. 

RWBro. Crawford PAGM was Lodge Secretary at that time. He was elected Tyler in 1978 and was Worshipful Master during the Centenary of Grand Lodge in 1984.

Before re-joining Semaphore Lodge in 2007, WBro. Macaulay served two terms as Secretary in Adelaide Lodge.  Currently he is Treasurer of Semaphore Lodge.

In the 1970’s, WBro. Macaulay was Treasurer then Secretary of the Port Adelaide Mark Lodge and Scribe Ezra in The Port Adelaide RAC. He re-joined Port Adelaide Mark Lodge recently and is now Treasurer and acting Inner Guard.  He was also a member of the Royal Ark Mariners, Rose Croix and Knights Templar in Port Adelaide.

The Jewel WBro. Macaulay received was originally presented to Bro. George E. Heywood in 1962.  In 1988 it was re-presented to Bro. Heywood'd son, Bro. W. (Bill) H. Heywood.  Both father and son were Initiated in Adelaide Lodge. RWBro. Crawford PAGM was in attendance at both presentations.

When Bro. Bill Heywood PTTGLA his widow, Doris, offered WBro. Macaulay the Jewel. Having been caretaker of the Jewel for 27 years, WBro. Macaulay considers it a privilege and honour to be able to wear the Jewel as it now represents 150 years of Service to “The Craft.” 

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