Freemasonry Demonstrating That Good Men Do Care

9 Mar 2018 - 1:50pm

Much is reported in the media about domestic violence and the consequent abuse and the resulting distress of women and their children. This matter was considered by members of a Craft Lodge and a Conclave of the Order of the Secret Monitor who fully supported assisting in some way to ease the pain and suffering.

The most pressing need identified to assist those hurting was to provide financial aid to assist in the establishment of a secure, shaded children’s playground. This facility is intended to be more than just a playground. It is designed as a tactile/supportive development/nature play space that will encourage broken families to interact, reform mother/child relationships based on the children’s needs, and provide children with cognitive skills. This vulnerable group needs community support – both mothers and children need to learn to play together again.

WBro. Paul Saxby, Worthy Supreme Ruler, Prince Jonathon Conclave No. 6 OSM and VWBro. Fred Schenck Worshipful Master, The Perfect Cube Lodge No. 201, on behalf of their members, applied to the Freemasons Foundation and received generous financial support to fund raising efforts. 

A cheque for the amount of $4000 has been presented to Vicki, the Manager of an Adelaide Women's and Children's Shelter to aid the project. The Manager said, "The efforts of Freemasonry in supporting women and children in need is very much appreciated."

The Perfect Cube Lodge brethren are continuing to financially support this most deserving cause through further fund raising efforts.

The membership of both Orders unanimously felt that this financial support not only demonstrates practically the caring nature of Freemasonry, but also shows what can be achieved when combining the efforts of Orders and the Freemasons Foundation.  The Perfect cube brethren are continuing fund raising for this most deserving cause.

CEO Freemasons Foundation RWBro. Robert Clyne B.A.(HONS), OAM, PJGW,
 WBro. Paul Saxby, Vicki, Manager of an Adelaide Women's and Children's Shelter, 
VWBro. Fred Schenck DGDC

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