Initiation of a Lewis at Lodge Reynell No. 243

8 Mar 2018 - 11:06am

0n 20th November 2017, at the St. Francis Winery, Reynella, the members of Lodge Reynell No. 243 were delighted to be able to initiate their first Lewis of one of its own members into the Lodge.

The Junior Deacon, WBro. Angelos Giannakoureas smoothly guided his son, Kosta, through his initiation and also presented to him the first degree working tools.

This happened only four days after Kosta celebrated his 18th birthday, 

Positive comments were received from everyone attending on how the Worshipful Master, and the members of the Lodge conducted the ceremony.

WBro. Giannakoureas is currently studying the Diploma of Masonic Learning while Kosta is still a full time student.

At the dinner following the meeting, VWBro. Bob Butler, presented Kosta with his lodge tie.

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