King of Tyre Mark Lodge No. 57 Installation

22 Oct 2018 - 1:31pm

Approximately seventeen Mark Brethren attended the Installation of WBro.Allan Kingsley, King of Tyre Mark Lodge No. 57 in the newly-arranged rented premises at Mabuhay Hall in Katherine, Northern Territory, on Saturday 15th September 2018. There were a total of twelve Grand Lodge Officers with RWBro. Les Pilton SGW, leading the team.

WBro. Kingsley, applauded those Brethren who had travelled from Adelaide, Alice Springs and Barrow Creek. The Installation was conducted by RWBro. Kevan McRae GDC, who, notwithstanding that changes were needed before commencement of the ceremony,conducted the Ceremony with his usual aplomb.

The Festive Board was conducted in a private room of a nearby Restaurant where the usual toasts, speeches and great conviviality was indeed enjoyed by all.

King of Tyre Mark Lodge No. 57 Installation

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