Larrakeyah Royal Arch Chapter No. 40 Installation

8 Jan 2018 - 10:15am

A happy band of Supreme Grand Chapter Officers from Adelaide and Naracoorte flew to Darwin for the Installation of the Excellent Principals and Officers of the Larrakeyah Royal Arch Chapter No. 40 which was held at Parap, Darwin on Sunday 22nd October 2017.

Some of the highlights were a sailing yacht trip on the Darwin Harbor on the Saturday evening with the wives, members and friends of the Chapter followed by a meal at the Ski Boat Club and attending a Third Degree at the Darwin Lodge of Remembrance No. 182 with new team and an enthusiastic Candidate on the Friday night.

The choice of a Sunday afternoon Installation proved popular; was well attended, and was ideal for companions who came from Katherine, some of whom returned after the enjoyable sunset festive at the Trailer Yacht Club.

The 1ST. G.P. MEComp. Lindsay Burns - who was assisted by his Grand Principals in MEComp. Ron Boath 2ND. G.P.  and MEComp. Peter Robjohns 3RD. G.P. said after the installation of the Excellent Principals,  EComp. Graeme Fagan, EComp. Allan Kingsley and EComp. Gene Truan and investiture of Chapter Officers, that the Larrakeyah Chapter  was the furthest Chapter from its Grand body’s base of any jurisdiction in the world.

MEComp. Burns presented the Past Principal's Certificate to EComp. John Matthews, a Chapter Certificate to the newly invested janitor, Comp. Ian Hollingswoth and conferred on REComp. Colin Hallenstein (his Northern Territory Top End Representative) for his past and present services to the Order, the rank of P. 3RD. G.P. making him MEComp. Colin Hallenstein P. 3RD. G.P.  This indeed was well received.

Every photo tells a story and this one is no exception!

(Back Row L-R) REComp. Warwick Greves GDC , Comp. Ian Hollingsworth Janitor,
REComp. Richard Bowman PGDC, MEComp. Ray Haese P. 2ND. G.P./ Dep. G. Lecturer,
MEComp. Colin Hallenstein P. 3RD. G.P.,  EComp. John Worrell P. 1ST. A.G. SOJ.,
EComp. Graham Dickson G.SWD.BR. (Naracoorte)
(Front Row L-R) EComp. Alan Kingsley 2ND. P., MEComp. Ron  Boath 2ND G.P.,
MEComp. Lindsay Burns 1ST. G.P., EComp. Graeme  Fagan 1ST P.,
MEComp. Peter Robjohns, EComp. Gene Truan 3RD. P. and EComp. R. K. . Barnes P. G.SWD.BR. 

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