Lodge Meeting at Silverton, New South Wales

12 Sep 2018 - 3:59pm

Lodge Meeting at Silverton, New South Wales

Lodge Umberumberka EC 2116 was established in October 1885 and in August 1886 moved into its own Lodge Rooms at Silverton NSW.

In February 1888 the Lodge was renamed Umberumberka No. 141 NSW Constitution and continued to meet at Silverton.  In 1906  meetings were transferred to Broken Hill.

The original Lodge Room at Silverton exists today -  and once or twice a year a Lodge Meeting is held there by Silvercity Lodge No. 141.

In July of this year representatives of four of Lodges from the South Australian Constitution travelled to Silverton to witness a 2nd Degree.

Our Grand Lodge was represented by WBro. David Hemsworth SGD, VWBro. Alan Mott (The Lodge of Friendship No.1); VWBro. Max Brodie (Enfield Lodge No. 145) and WBro. Peter Freeman (Aurora Australis Lodge No. 245).

Lodge Meeting at Silverton, New South Wales

The Lodge Room has no permanent electricity supply and thus the meeting was conducted under the gentle glow of Hurricane lamps.  What a great atmosphere! With no electricity comes no heating.  The temperature outside was under 5 Degrees Celsius.  Being very dark and very cold left all who attended with a level of empathy for those Brethren of yesteryear.

Having been invited in for the opening, it is interesting to see that like Lodges in the Victorian Constitution, time is allocated on the Agenda for the Regular Meeting for business that we, in the South Australian Constitution, would normally discuss at Lodge Executive Meetings.   

The ceremony was similar to ours and at the conclusion all assembled at the Silverton Hotel for the Festive Board and to honour the usual masonic Toasts. 

Great Weekend. Great company

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