MWBro. Dr. Neil Jensen GM Responds to Visiting Delegations

GI Western Australia

2 Nov 2018 - 2:21pm

Below is the speech to Visiting Delegations gtiven by our Grand Master, MWBro. Dr. Neil Jensen on the occasion of the Grand Installation in Western Australia on 26th October 2018

  1. Introduction: MW Grand Master (WA), fellow Grand Masters, Past Grand Masters, Distinguished Guests, Ladies, Gentlemen and Brethren.

  2. Thank you for the warmth of your welcome.

  3. As we gather here today, Freemasonry, that wonderful, voluntary, ancient and traditional organization, once again exhibits the great summation quality of Brotherly Love.

  4. We have travelled from afar to be with you and to share in the pleasures and privileges of this national and international association of like minds; all believe in the Great Architect of the Universe and all endeavour to enhance life around us for the good of mankind in general.

  5. MWBro. Babe, we have come here today to share your emotions and to be with you as you install your successor, RWBro. Peter Kirwan. We may have travelled vast distances to be here, but the road to a friend is always short.

  6. We thank you for the wisdom, strength of mind and persuasive eloquence which you have shared with us during your leadership.

  7. It is written that one cannot choose the frame of one’s destiny, but one can choose what one puts in it.      You have chosen well and we have enjoyed the masterpiece.

  8. We all look forward to the many years ahead during which we can continue to share your masonic friendship.

  9. Thank you and May God bless you all."

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