Salisbury Lodge No. 126 Honours Three of its Members

9 May 2018 - 2:38pm

At the March meeting of Salisbury Lodge No. 126, three of its members were honoured.

WBro. Bruce Pitt OAM PGD presented WBro. Peter Mayne with his well-earned shiny new 50 year jewel.  (Pictured right).

WBro. Mayne was initiated into Lodge Tusmore No.163 in November 1967 and jonied Salisbury Lodge No. 126 in February 1992.  He has served the Lodge in various capacities - including three times as Worshipful Master in the years 1996, 2011 and 2012. 

Currently WBro. Mayne is the Lodge Care Officer and the Induction Officer attending to the entered Apprentices, Fellowcraft and newly raised Master Masons.

Next, WBro. Bill Penley was presented with his 35 year pin by VWBro. Keith Perrott DGS, Metro No. 2. (Pictured left).

WBro. Penley served as Worshipful Master in Quorn Lodge No. 59 in 1986 and in Salisbury Lodge in 2015.

Over the years, WBro. Penley has continued to serve the Lodge, taking on many officer's roles, as well as that of the DC.  Since this year's Installation on 7th April 2018 - he has taken the office of Senior Deacon.

VWBro. Perrot then presented WBro. Simon Husber with his 25 year pin. (Pictured right).

WBro. Husker was initiated into Salisbury Lodge No. 126 in February 1993and has served the Lodge in most of the officers chairs.  He has served eleven years as Treasurer and for the past  five years he has been the Secretary. 

During the years of 1999, 2003 and 2010, he also served as Worshipful Master.

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