Special Meeting for Thorngate Lodge No. 118

19 Jun 2018 - 5:05pm

The meeting on Monday 4th June 2018 was a very special one for Thorngate Lodge No. 118!

Bro. John Alexander (Jock) Fraser reached a major milestone in Freemasonry.  He was presented with a fifth bar to his 50 year service jewel by VWBro. Robert Hughes, P. Chairman of Membership.

Bro. Fraser was initiated into Freemasonry in Prospect Lodge No. 60 on 15/3/1942, passed to the 2nd  degree on 21/12/1942 and raised to the 3rd degree on 15/3/1943 and became a member of Thorngate Lodge No. 118 when Prospect Lodge No. 60 amalgamated with it in 2004.

Although not attending lodge on a regular basis, Bro. Fraser has remained committed to the lodge over this remarkable period and was very pleased to be able to receive his fifth bar.

Lodge was called off to allow for the presentation to be made in the presence of his Daughter Christine and Son-in- Law Robert. The presentation was witnessed by the DGSuperintendent, the Worshipful Master and members of the Duke of Edinburgh Lodge No. 16 - their Twinning Lodge.  Also present were a number of other Worshipful Masters and brethren from the District.

Along with the fifth bar, Jock received a beautifully embroidered keepsake in the form of an apron, lovingly embroidered by Annette Amos from the Grand Lodge Museum. She had been asked amongst other things, to lengthen the ribbon on Jock's Jewel to allow room for the new bar.

Jock with the grace of TGAOTU has reached another milestone since this Lodge meeting -  in the form of his 100thbirthday on 17/6/18.

Another presentation was then made to VWBro. Robert Hughes, who received a Commission as the Grand Representative near this Grand Lodge of the Grand Lodge of Michigan.

MWBro. Stephen Michalak IPGM, had announced the honour at the recent April Communication but VWBro. Hughes was not able to be present at the time.  He was however, presented with the Commission by RWBro. David Booker PAGM.  In making the presentation, RWBro. Booker PAGM explained the significance of Commissions and Fraternal Relations to our Fraternity generally and the great regard in which they are held, comparing them to a Masonic version of a High Commissioner to another country - but without the pay packet or the return air ticket.

Brethren attending this Special Night at Thorngate Lodge No. 118

Beautifully embroidered apron made by Mrs Annette Amos of the Grand Lodge Museum

Bro. John Alexander (Jock) Fraser receives a 5th bar to his 50 year service jewel

Bro. John Alexander (Jock) Fraser with his daughter Christine and son-in-law Robert

VWBro. Robert Hughes P. Chair. Memb receiving his Commission from the GL of Michigan

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