The Travel Gavel

4 Jan 2018 - 11:14am

Eleven of the Best from Sir Douglas Mawson Lodge - Accompanied by their Worshipful Master, VWBro. Mike Morrison, attended the regular meeting of The Perfect Cube Lodge on Friday 3rd November 2017 and “liberated” the Travel Gavel. They are its Guardians. It is now residing, away from the “Riff Raff “of the craft, in a place of complete contentment.

The lodge promises to care for it as if it were part of its family, to keep it in pristine condition as only master craftsman can, because they are going to be its Guardians for a long time.

However, the lodge invites those who dare, to come and fraternise with them and try to kidnap their little gem, and if successful, be assured, they will not rest until they once again take custody of their little “Travgav”.

The Travel Gavel “I” was crafted by WBro. Beven Ridge of Leopold Lodge No 31. It was Initiated at Largs Bay Lodge No. 130 on 1st October 1998; Passed on to Elizabeth Lodge; and then Raised at Victoria Lodge at Jamestown on 12thJuly 1999. Its purpose is to promote visiting and healthy competition amongst lodges.

I’ve been everywhere “man”, been as far North as Jamestown, as far West as Moonta to the South to Strathalbyn and East to Murray Bridge. I’ve had the pleasure of being in the company of Saints, Knights, Dukes, Earls and even the Scouts as well as the inevitable “Riff Raff.”

I’m currently enjoying the company of Sir Douglas, however if you feel you want to claim me for yourselves five or more of your brethren have to attend, both the regular meeting and the festive board of my guardian lodge. Then I’m all yours.

Good Luck!

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